Tuesday 16 August 2011

new elephant friendly url: http://sideshowmanny.wordpress.com

I'm not much of an activist, I don't think it's always a good idea for musicians to get too preachy, it's the thin end of the Bono wedge...
I had the sideshowmanny.com url registered through Go Daddy, however, after reading this article - bob-parsons-godaddy-ceo-elephant-hunt, I decided not to renew it with Go Daddy when the time came.
So I let it expire but Go Daddy still own the url (there doesn't seem to be an easy way to register it through another company at the moment).
Which means for the time being at least, the url for the site is: http://sideshowmanny.wordpress.com

It's more to type but at least no elephants will die in the process.