If you would like to license out any of my music (instrumental versions of all tracks are also available), you can do so through

My music is completely exempt from the rights of any collecting society (100% royalty free) and can be licensed with a one off payment.

The license groups are as follows:

35,00 EUR
License group 1
: Website background music (no video) or presentation / show or college tariff I or private podcast or private online video (websites / video sites, e.g. YouTube).

65,00 EUR
License group 2
: Image film / product film (website / exhibitions & events) or editorial film (online / TV / IPTV) or music on hold or corporate podcast or online flash game or up to 1 000 mechanical reproductions or App up to 10 000 downloads.

125,00 EUR
License group 3
: Online ad campaign / viral video / microsite (1 language version / no in-stream video ads) or radio/cinema ad regional (1 year) or college tariff II or up to 5 000 mechanical reproductions or App up to 25 000 downloads.

185,00 EUR
License group 4
: Radio/cinema ad national (1 year) or TV ad regional (1 year) or point-of-sale national (1 year) or public viewing ad national (1 year) or up to 10 000 mechanical reproductions or App up to 50 000 downloads.

750,00 EUR
License group 5
: In-stream video ad (1 language version / 1 year) or TV ad national (1 year) or App up to 100 000 downloads.