Thursday 4 February 2021

Spotify Canvases added for all tracks

I've created Canvases for all my tracks on Spotify! "What the hell is a Spotify Canvas, Manny?" I hear you cry! Here's Spotify's description:
Canvas is an exciting feature from Spotify that brings your release artwork to life. When your listeners visit the Spotify 'now playing' page on their mobile device the usual release artwork is replaced by a full screen image or looping video. Spotify describe the feature as 'album artwork for the streaming age'
I've opted for looping video rather than full screen image. I cheated by using some free stock video's from and editing them to suit but it was a lot of fun and I'm pleased with how they turned out (I think 'Barman From Manchester' and 'Stroll On' are my two favourites).
Remember canvases are only available on mobile devices. Hope you enjoy!