Wednesday 20 October 2010

Holy mojo!

I treated myself to a new guitar recently. Well, I say new, it's 21 years old but it's new to me! I'm the guitars 3rd owner, the 1st owner was a preacher in the States who had adorned the guitar with some stickers (Shouldn't a preacher know better than to commit sacrilege?!). The second owner removed the stickers but in the 20 years they'd been on there, they'd left a bit of a 'T' shirt tan...
So now on the guitar you can see, in glorious T shirt tan, the words "Jesus", "Believe" and "Faith" plus the outline of a small Christian fish symbol...
So the guitar has some holy mojo, don't know how it'll feel about my songs of drunken one night stands and general debauchery but it's a dream to play and I absolutely love it.
I'm nearly finished recording the first song with it, "Writing a New Score", I just need to do a few finishing touches and I'll have it here for you in the next few days.

Here's a picture of the guitar, for the guitar geeks out there it's a Larrivée LV-03E. The picture is just the eBay picture from the seller, I'll get some better ones done at some point with some close ups of the holy mojo T shirt tans ;)

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